Alex McLeish's statement

Rangers manager, Alex McLeish, when asked by reporters about Sotirios Kyrgiakos answered without making anything clear.
«The purchase of Pierre-Fanfan had nothing to do with Kyrgiakos» he claimed repeating an earlier statement he had made upon completing the transfer of Pierre-Fanfan.

«Sotirios is necessary»

«We don’t want to lose Sotis. He was a «machine» for us last season and I really hope he returns» said Croat Rangers striker Dado Prso and added «if he stays I will be more confident next season. Last year was amazing for us and I am sure that will be the case for the coming year.»

«Sotirios signs for Rangers»

Sotirios Kyrgiakos has signed a one year contract with Glasgow Rangers. The Greek international defender will return to Athens on Tuesday to become part his national team and he will return to Glasgow on a permanent basis. His first game with Rangers is on September 9th.

«It΄’s important to clarify»

«My silence has lead to immense speculation. Nothing is close to the truth. I have not spoken until now because I have nothing to say. What I feel, and must say, is a big thank you to all the Panathinaikos fans. They have shown me their love all this time.

Right now I am a Rangers player and the Greek League is a distant memory.»

An ideal start

The great goal of Sotiris Kyriakos that scored in the last minutes of the game, with an excellent header, gave the win to Rangers against Porto with score 3-2. It was an ideal start in the the Champions League. and the Greek international central defender stated: