Kyrgiako’s statement

In all my life I didn’t hide under any circumstances. I always took the risk of my decisions. That’s how I was raised. Last week I made a statement in which I was saying that I will be a player of AEK FC for the next four years. Today, my biggest challenge in life contradicts to what I was saying. That’s life. Many times it plays tricky games.

I would like to inform the fans of AEK FC that on Monday I received an offer from Liverpool. An offer that I accepted. That offer came the time that AEK has very important games for the Europa League but the fact that I will play for Liverpool is the biggest challenge I ever had in my life. I have reached my final decision. Despite the efforts from the President, the coach and the administration, that did anything they could to keep me in the team, staying at AEK was not something I could do.

I would love to thank the fans of AEK that loved me from the first time I went to the club. I would love to thank also the President, the coach and the administration for our cooperation all this time. AEK is a big team. I wish to AEK all the best and I will always have a place in my heart for AEK.