An ideal start

The great goal of Sotiris Kyriakos that scored in the last minutes of the game, with an excellent header, gave the win to Rangers against Porto with score 3-2. It was an ideal start in the the Champions League. and the Greek international central defender stated:
“I am very happy that I stayed as a part of Rangers this year. Happy, but I also feel the responsibility to fulfill the expectations of those that believed in me. I want to thank all the people for the wonderful welcome. I want to thank my team mates for their help and of course the warmest thanks to my coach, for his trust on me. The coach, who with patience, persistence and hard work, as he only knows, made this team last year to
hold two titles. This year that my team’s goals are higher, because of the Champions League, I think that with him as a driver, Rangers will achieve much more”.