Kyrgiako's statement

Answering for the first time in my life to a newspaper article I have to say that: 

I never go on a yacht because I feel seasick. I can’t understand why the legal dispute that I have with Panathinaikos, and it is not final yet, many people consider it as a proposal from the team.

I never had a proposal from Panathinaikos. Why every time that Panathinaikos looks for a stopper it has to be my name on their list. Let Panathinaikos find a stopper and leave us all alone.

Alex McLeish's statement

Rangers manager, Alex McLeish, when asked by reporters about Sotirios Kyrgiakos answered without making anything clear.
«The purchase of Pierre-Fanfan had nothing to do with Kyrgiakos» he claimed repeating an earlier statement he had made upon completing the transfer of Pierre-Fanfan.

«Sotirios is necessary»

«We don’t want to lose Sotis. He was a «machine» for us last season and I really hope he returns» said Croat Rangers striker Dado Prso and added «if he stays I will be more confident next season. Last year was amazing for us and I am sure that will be the case for the coming year.»

«Sotirios signs for Rangers»

Sotirios Kyrgiakos has signed a one year contract with Glasgow Rangers. The Greek international defender will return to Athens on Tuesday to become part his national team and he will return to Glasgow on a permanent basis. His first game with Rangers is on September 9th.

«It΄’s important to clarify»

«My silence has lead to immense speculation. Nothing is close to the truth. I have not spoken until now because I have nothing to say. What I feel, and must say, is a big thank you to all the Panathinaikos fans. They have shown me their love all this time.

Right now I am a Rangers player and the Greek League is a distant memory.»